Saturday, May 1, 2010

Panties for Peanuts!

I tend to believe that panty ads of the 1970s were a lot more fun than they are today. I mean, there was none of the hard-edged arthouse angst we see in the present day. Eiderlon girls like the one posted above looked like they were actually having a good time.
I guess that was one of the hallmarks of the "Age of Aquarius": pretty young women could still be bright, playful and 'girly' if they wanted; the stifling pressures of the 'Excecutive' decade hadn't yet set in. Take the header for example: "Be a pantynut. For peanuts!" Could you imagine any high-end women's magazine carrying something so unabashedly light-hearted these days?

No post-feminist subtext here: our erstwhile heroine isn't some world conquering CEO, she's a sweet young thing surprised in her underwear (something she quite enjoys by the looks of things), innocently comfortable with her own natural beauty.

Yeah, OK - we all know that beauty is only skin deep and no one should be judged on looks alone. But the message here isn't one of political repression, it's something far less sinister. Why do girls wear pretty, patterned undies in the first place? The answer is simple, of course. They wear them to feel good about themselves.

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